Saturday, 27 October 2012

A New Thread

What seems like a very looooooong time ago, when I was pregnant with Bean, I began making a quilt as a future gift for her. I probably haven't mentioned that I enjoy embroidery, probably because I haven't had time to actually do any since giving birth! My sewing box has been discreetly gathering dust in a cupboard since I became a mummy...that is, until recently.

I pulled it down one day this week on the pretext of doing some mending that was long overdue, but as Bean and I riffled through the contents I found the panels I'd sewn for her quilt 18 months or more ago, and the mending was swiftly forgotten!

I felt freshly inspired to continue my creation and so a few days ago I started a new panel...

I find it's a great way of winding myself down in the evenings or when Bean takes her nap in the afternoon. It brings me out of my busy mind and guides me to a more still and quiet place that's hard for me to find after being in the middle of 'Hurricane Bean' all day! Lately, I've been searching for a way to centre myself when my the tension in my mind and body starts to build up, and I think this may be partly what I was looking for. It's something I can do in any spare few minutes to help melt away some of the daily stress before it bubbles over onto my family. It seems perfect serendipity that I rediscovered this project, completely by accident, when I really needed to find it.

As for Bean, the sewing box is an object of great curiosity and delight (as well as housing many enticing forbidden items!). She's taken to sitting on the floor with me to explore this new treasure trove, carefully examining each ribbon and thread she finds, admiring my completed panels, and trying desperately to get her little hands on the wheels of Coloured pins! Hopefully she enjoys the finished product as much as its many parts...although at this rate I may not have it finished for a few more years!

B xx

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