Sunday, 10 March 2013

Discovery Box - Easter

I got the original idea for this discovery box here, and it's the first of a few Easter themed activities I have planned for this year :-)

If you aren't familiar with the discovery box concept read my first post about it here.

The items included in this box were:

  • Plastic easter eggs - the kind that open up (Doller store or ebay less than $5)
  • Easter bunny and chick cabochons (Found on ebay for $5)
  • Coloured bells (Craft store $3)
  • Big coloured beads (Craft store $3)
  • Coloured plastic buttons (Doller store $2)
  • Pony beads - which I added last minute so not pictured (Craft store $5)

Of course you can really add in any small items that you have at home that are the right size to fit inside the eggs and make a variety of sounds. Most of the things I used (except the Easter bunnies/chicks) were things I already had on hand from previous projects.

One of the great things about discovery boxes is they are so freakin' simple to do! Just find a suitable size box/basket/container, gather some items, and throw them inside. Done.

I set the invitation up in the lounge room after Bean went to sleep, so she would find it first thing in the morning...

First she went through all the eggs, methodically opening and closing each one (that's my girl!)...

...Then she rummaged through the loose items, most of which she was familiar with - except for the chicks and bunnies! Cue "Ooooo!'s and "Ahhhhh!'s...

...After trying out putting them inside the eggs she gathered them all together on the table and began telling a story...

...after breakfast she revisited the box. Everything got tipped out on the floor, and the business of filling, shaking, and emptying began...

...This is fantatsic for developing hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, sound differentiation, rhythm, and fun!...

...I think this will be gracing our floor for a while!

Happy playing!

B xx

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