Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Sensory Box

I'm finally getting round to posting this one after a very slow week - but just in time for Easter! We actually did this about a week ago and its still being played with now, although its layout has changed somewhat.

This sensory box was very quickly thrown together one day, as most of them are! Largely from items I already had in the cupboard and a few I'd bought a while back in anticipation of doing some kind of Easter themed play. The items included are:

  • Furry Bunny Ears (Dollar Store)
  • Paper Straw (Already had - available at craft stores)
  • Plastic Eggs (Already had - available at dollar stores and Safeway)
  • Easter Chicks (Dollar Store)
  • Rainbow rice (Already had - home made)

And inside the eggs...


Some big some small, and all different colours...

...Which Bean LOVED.

There was much excitement in opening each egg, discovering the chicks, and naming the colours...

...lining them up and counting how many...

...feeding them the rice and then pretending to be a chick and eating the rice as well :-)

Then the rice got poured into various containers I had put out with the invitation, and in the end when just the rice was left in the box she starting pouring and mixing in water as well.

Of course not forgetting the bunny ears - which inspired some pretend bunny play...


Happy playing and happy Easter to you all!

B xx

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