Monday, 25 February 2013

Pinkalicious Sensory Salt

I adapted the idea for this activity from on this recipe from The Imagination Tree. I've had it in the back of my mind for a while and then one morning Bean climbed up on to the dining table whilst I was clearing up from breakfast and began pouring out the table salt and drawing patterns in I took the opportunity to redirect her with this!


Table salt
Neon pink powder pigment (found on eBay)

All you do is fill a shallow container with salt then mix in a tablespoon or so of pigment...Et voila!

I set up the invitation outside because it was a sunny day, but this could also be an indoor activity with a dust sheet underneath for easy clean up.

Bean got straight to work pouring...

...and drawing in the salt...

...Then she decided to add some water from the nearby water table...

....of course the clothes got ditched after a while and she used the wet salt mixture to paint herself...

...which required some guidance from mummy about not getting the salt in her eyes!

Bean spent a good 45 minutes in focused play and exploration, and with the bright colour and interesting texture of the dry/wet salt mixture I think this is a really interesting sensory material to make. Its also pretty versatile in terms of varying the colour, adding glitter or other texture materials, or incorporating scent using dried herbs or flowers. We'll definitely be trying it again!

Happy Playing!

B xx

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