Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rainbow Ice Sensory Box

Here in Melbourne we've been enduring an autumn heat wave, so when I was suddenly struck by the idea for this activity I couldn't BELIEVE I hadn't thought of it sooner! But anywhoo...

The rainbow ice sensory box was a big hit with Bean - who is currently obsessed with all things icey cold.  We ended up doing it twice in two days with different colors of ice and it was both beautiful to play with and a nice way to keep cool :-)

This was our first box, made with just water and blue, green, and red food colouring:

In the second box I opted for colours that would mix together better when melted, as the water from the first box ended up kind of black and grimy looking. So this one has pink, red, and yellow:

As the first batch melted we used the ice to draw:

Then with the second batch Bean requested we use the hammer! "BANG BANG BANG!" :-)

With the first batch we also put it on the light panel to add another sensory dimension (photo credit goes to Jake here! - I'm not this good):

But I just loved the way the colours melted together in the second batch - it looked like liquid sunshine...

This was a perfect activity for a hot sticky day, extremely quick to set up, and very minimal on clean up (FYI: whilst food colouring temporarily stains hands and clothes it all comes out in the wash)...

...Happy Playing!


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