Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Water Beads may have noticed it's been quite some time since I posted anything! Well we had what can only be described as a VERY busy holiday season, which included overseas family visits and moving house right after new year...and I have to say I hope NEVER to be that busy again! 

But aside from all the mundane business we've also been busy at play, and I have loads of new stuff to share :-) 

I thought I'd start off with some fun we had recently with water beads! For anyone who doesn't know what water beads are this is a great post that explains the concept. I'd previously written a post about our first experience using water beads when Bean was much younger, but she was so fixated on putting them in her mouth I had to come up with a more edible alternative. 

Now at 22 months I figured it was time to give Bean another chance to explore this lovely play substance, and this time we had a blast!

I set up the invitation outside as I wasn't sure what the mess factor would be (FYI not too bad), and just laid out some scoops and lots of different size plastic containers. Bean loved handling the beads, running her fingers through them again and again, scooping, pouring, adding water, mixing, throwing, squashing...As you can see I didn't take many photos - I was playing too!

This is one of the most successful play invitations i've made in a while, and at only $3 for the water beads on eBay (including postage) its also the cheapest! The beads lasted for about three days of intense play and then started to get a bit mushy and break down.

Next time I plan to try them inside on the light panel for an extra sensory stay tuned :-)

Happy Playing!

B xx

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