Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sand Pit Treasure Hunt

Bean is a big fan of 'Playschool', and I must say it's been a great source of inspiration for me as well! Recently we were watching an episode where they were digging for buried dinosaur bones in a sand pit and ever since then Bean has been singing the 'digging song' and pretending to find things in the sand at home. That gave me the idea for a treasure hunt!

So early one morning whilst Bean was sleepy and distracted, I quickly snuck in to the garden to set up this invitation:

I used loose purple glitter and little black stones to mark the spots to dig for buried treasure...and this is the treasure:

The only things I bought specifically for this activity were the colored gems, which I stumbled across at the dollar shop for $1.95 each - bargain!

Of course it wasn't long before Bean found the invitation...very excited!...

...and started digging...

...and finding...

This was so simple and cheap, and since then we've also done it using sea shells as treasure. So much fun for a curious little person...

Happy Playing :-)

B xx

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