Monday, 10 September 2012

French Toast & Dancing

I must take a moment or two now to tell you how inconceivably lucky I am to have my husband Jake. This morning, as with every other morning in our house, Jake cooked us a scrumptious breakfast - French toast and bacon today. He was a pastry chef in a previous incarnation and does at least 75% of the cooking in an average week...and yes, I know, I am insanely blessed!! Not only does he have superior cooking skills, he's also the most wonderful father to our Bean. This morning after Bean had brushed her little hands together to declare that she was finished with her breakfast, Jake scooped her up and danced with her to the music playing on the dock. One of Bean's favorite things in the world is dancing with her daddy, she drapes her little arms around his neck, rests her cheek softly on his shoulder, and smiles contentedly.

Watching them dance got me reflecting on how important fathers are to a child, in the beginning it's often all about mum and milks and dads can sometimes feel like a bit of a third wheel. But as babies grow into toddlers they develop independent relationships with the other important people in their life, and so dad becomes more than just the person who cooks the breakfast. Now, just like mum, he provides fun, safety, comfort, teaching, and love but all in his own unique and cherished ways. So I would like to say Thank you to Jake for being Beans dad, you make our world the happiest place to dance.


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