Sunday, 9 September 2012

Morning Magic

We love the morning in our house... it's the most magical time of day. Especially when we all wake up together, and by that I mean when Jake manages to sleep past 4am (it's not Bean who I worry about not sleeping through the night in our house - although she doesn't yet either). This morning Jake and I awoke first and spent some glorious minutes enjoying the stillness and whispered conversation, and then Bean (who had been sleeping between us) rolled over to face Jake and opened her eyes with a "Oohaaweru!" and some other delighted exclamations. She gently reached out and explored his eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks...and then again not so gently! Then she rolled over to face me with a sleepy smile and went searching for her morning milks. We spend many glorious mornings all waking up together, and I miss it when it doesn't happen for one reason or another. I love the peacefulness just before bean wakes up, and then her gentle happy babbling as she comes into consciousness. It's like being in another world, a world between sleeping and waking, a place suspended in action before those little feet slip out of bed and patter into the lounge room to start their busy day.
After such a wonderful wake up the sound of play school nursery rhymes and electronic piano music can be rather jarring some days...but nothing a cup of Earl Grey can't fix...and then we're in to a brand new day :-)


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  1. There really is something magical about mornings. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday, or what will happen later today, there are always lots of cuddles, snuggles and love with both our boys. I do love that peacefulness before the day really gets going. :)