Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sound Baloons!

So since since its spring in Melbourne the weather is highly unpredictable and I've therefore been needing more indoor activities to keep Bean occupied at home. A couple of mornings ago I suddenly remembered an idea I had come across a while ago called 'Sound Balloons'. Here is the original post from Play At Home Mom (whose blog is such an amazing resource):

It's a REALLY easy and fun activity, and Bean (who is especially fond of anything musical) absolutely loved it! I made up 3 balloons from an old pack of balloons found stuffed in the back of a kitchen draw and things from around the house. Inside the first balloon I put 3 coloured bells from the craft store; in the second balloon I put in a few dried soy beans that had been left over from our scooping play earlier in the week (post to come); and for the third balloon I used a funnel to insert a small handful of uncooked brown rice. I put these together just after we got up, while Jake was cooking breakfast, and I put some music on to get Bean's attention. At first she thought the balloons were very funny, picking each one up VERY gently and giggling and smiling at each new sound, she then proceeded to dance about with them to the music shaking and jingling away until breakfast time! I'll definitely be trying some more variations on this theme in the future.


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